Shalom, Shalom


You cannot understand the (STM) Supernatural Thoughts’Mystery coming from the Holy One like a man. You cannot remain on the spiritual state of man to understand the (STM) Supernatural Thoughts’Mystery. It crucially requires the (HA) holy awareness. That is why we have been entrusting into the (HT) heart of any thoughts the importance of going through the (PDR) process which leads you to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed for the circumcision of reconnection otherwise your days on the face of the earth are a trial of vanity

Any (PACR) predestined anointed whether reality whether concept coming from the Holy One comes always with its (OR) order and its regulation to establish either  to reestablish order and regulation that has disappeared, and have been (TDD) twisted, divided and destroyed in this creation.

That is why fundamentally our spirit, soul and body need to go through the (PDR) process which deprograms and reprograms. This is also because of our conditioned nature of (BO) brokennessless and onenessless inherited from darkness which where we all were sold and live into for millenniums before Redemption. Our long life in darkness stills a record.

(Races, Tribes, People, World Leaders, World Governments, the House of Yisrael and the House Prayer)

All is about to honor, to glorify and to have fear of Adonai Eloheinu the Holy One the Eternal

All is about Adonai Eloheinu the Holy One the Eternal

All is about Yeshua the Messiah

All is about Ruach Ha Kodesh

All is about Love the Eternal Sovereign mystery

All is about the inescapable Righteousness, Holiness, Sovereignty and the Last Judgment

All is about the (ARRS) Anointed Reality of Redemption for Salvation by Yeshua (the Good News of peace)

All is about the togetherness of Ruach, the Kingdom of Heavens and the House of Prayer

All is about the Holy Covenants.

All is about the Anointed Virtue.

All in this particular prophetic time of the Holy Grace is about: to obey the Holy Commandments and to have Faith in Yeshua the Messiah that is which optimize the manifestations of the demonstrations in authority and power of the Holy One through the redeemed in this creation. This is the powerful wisdom which is missing from generations.

All is about to prostrate in every circumstance before the Holy One.

All is about the inescapable (CO) communion and oneness of Yehudi and non-Yehudi.

The (HC) Holy Commandments make holy and the Holy Name protects.


Righteousness, Holiness, Faithfulness, Sovereignty and the Eternity which who you are forever.

For the Righteousness and the Holiness Yeshua is the Messiah.


Shalom, shalom

(Races, Tribes, People, World Leaders, World Governments, the House of Yisrael and the House Prayer),

Let’s meditate on all aspect of this artwork in order to be enriched, vivified, equipped and also reconnect our spirit, our soul and body onto the powerful wisdom of Love bequeathed before the creation to be manifested in the so awaited prophetic time of the Holy Grace. This is indeed the very appointed time predestined, endowed and pre-established to optimize in authority and power the diversity of demonstrations of manifestations and the manifestations of demonstrations.

The honor and glory by excellence of these powerful revelations resort on to the Messiah, who by Himself had chosen to appear to me one day on the face of earth. The truth is that I went nowhere to see anyone neither has lived under any human covering to but edified about all that you are reading. Humbling quickened by Ruach Ha Kodesh, I became aware and even more about this mystery of the one who communed and unified people. from two we became one this is according to the predilection, which reduces the enmity to potency.

Let us prioritize the communion to be one soul to co-inherit our prophetic inheritance, in obeying the Holy Commandments and having Faith in the Holy One, with Him, by Him and to Him. This happens through the edification of the profound consciousness on the foundations of origins of the spiritual structure source of concepts by Faith, to reach the fullness revealed and recommended to enter and to see in all its power the Kingdom of the Messiah in Holiness.

Without that edification you cannot pretend according to any Truth to be reconnected and communed with the prophetic inheritance’ spheres from the intimacy of the holiness and the purity of the Righteousness of the Eternal’s heart.

Sensual men remain frozen on the ephemeral profound consciousness of the world’s invisible and visible realities that define the creation which develops a very large emotional capacity that keeps captive souls on a permanent voluptuousness. The truth; we need to know is that the Holy Commandments have remained faithfully the powerful foundation to announce Faith virtue of the Good News of Redemption for Salvation by the Messiah.

We all prostrate before you the Holy One.

For the Righteousness and the Holiness Yeshua is the Messiah.


 We are bringing in our hearts by the virtue of Ruach, the abilities of consciousness to learn to cultivate the holy awareness to return faithfully on the bases structured in the Messiah which we have renounced a long time ago.

We are announcing, testifying, teaching and transmitting through the virtue of Ruach, the power expressed by and through:

  • The Holy Commandments and the anointed reality of Redemption for Salvation by the Messiah the resurrected.

  • And the anointed virtues, which are the powerful wisdom of the almighty predestined before the foundation of the time for the House of Prayer which is the Body of the Messiah to reign on the face of the earth for the eternal glory of the Eternal.

  • The Love of the Holy One, the Eternal sovereign mystery, the Holiness anointed virtue, Faith anointed virtue, Repentance anointed virtue, the Resurrection anointed virtue, the Blood of Redemption anointed virtue, Laying on of Hands anointed virtue, the Obedience anointed virtue, the Holy Word and his virtue, Ruach and his virtue, The Righteousness anointed virtue, the Last Judgement anointed virtue in the mighty Holy Name of the Messiah.

  • The anointed and predestined oneness of Yehudi and the Non-Yehudi.



The anointed virtue


A holy and sacred virtue by definition is a set of anointed wisdom, knowledge and intelligence and also visible and invisible possibilities and probabilities of the almighty which preexisted before the time of creation to:


  • Perfect every concept in all its dimensions, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, authority and powers.

  • Allow us to sit on the foundation of the ensemble of his supernatural thoughts.

 That is to say, they reconnect us to the root of the Spirit which is the origin of our birth.

  • Allows us to reach the state of man measuring up to the fullness of the Messiah. To be the stone based on the cornerstone.

  • The anointed virtue gives us to dominate and rule the space and time whatsoever.

  • They abound within themselves the virtue that transmit power to the spiritual base of the spirit, the soul and the body and enables them to sit clearly in the work of the Messiah.

  • They are the foundations laid by the Holy One that remains sealed, not only for the foundation but also for the development and the growth of the spirit, the soul and the earthly tent.

  • They allow us to see the Kingdom of heavens in one side and in the other to identify all evil’s maneuvers.


According to the virtue of Ruach, you must be broken to understand them and to apply them and not to study in order to understand and because we do not resort to the intelligence; but the heart.

 In all generations, the Holy Spirit recommends the anointed virtues of the Eternal being meditated, practiced, kept and sanctified in the House of Prayer.

 Ruach by his virtue announces:

5 But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your Faith virtue, to the virtue knowledge, to 6 knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance holiness, 7 to holiness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness  Love. 8 The more you grow like this, the more you will become productive and useful in your knowledge of our Savior the Messiah. 9 But those who fail to develop these virtues are blind or at least very shortsighted. They have already forgotten that the Eternal has cleansed them from their old life of sin”.(2 Peter 1.5-9)

 The anointed virtues of the Holy One which have been given for all of us redeemed in the Messiah, the powerful anointed inheritance bequeathed by the Holy Lamb, to reach his fullness and to conquer for his glory every work of evil. However, wherever, whatever and whenever is done. That is pure essence of the predestined mission of each anointed virtue of the Eternal.


Dear brothers and sisters Yehudi and Non- Yehudi in all over the world.


While after the sacrament of immersion in the water for the forgiveness of sins and the immersion in the Holy Spirit, we will optimize in power the demonstrations of the manifestations of the authority and power of the holiness of the Kingdom of the Father at this prophetic time of Grace came with Yeshua, in obeying on one side the Holy Commandments and the other the testimony of the Good News of Redemption for Salvation of the Messiah by the Messiah.

 The Messiah will rise up in spirit faithful men and women, boys and girls, men and women servants among us who will obey, practice, keep and sanctify his Holy Commandments and his anointed reality of Redemption for Salvation by the Messiah with fear.


This is a predilection from Yeshua the Messiah.

For the Righteousness and the Holiness Yeshua is the Messiah.