We are coming over and over, all over the world on that which has been given throughout generations and millenniums by the virtue of Ruach. Which is the pure recommendation born again that consists on cultivating the holy awareness of learning the predestined, ordained ways and means to meditate repeatedly on the wisdom, knowledge and the intelligence, the spiritual process that deprograms and reprograms our spirit, our soul and our body.


What is missing? Why is it missing? How is it missing? What is the predestined way? What do we need to see? How will it happen?

In the book of Acts of the Apostles in Chapter 15, around 49-50 A.M (after the Messiah) it happened in the House of Prayer in Yerushalaim; after the time of Pentecost.

Ruach by his virtue acknowledged the world throughout generations and decades, on the first and greatest Holy Conference ever in the Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation’s history. Given the importance of which is done by the virtue of Ruach, we have to remind repeatedly its spiritual reasons to the world.

Servants from the House of Prayer in Yerushalaim and in Antioch: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; Elders, Deacons and people from Antioch all of them were united in the House of Prayer in Yerushalaim.

They all were indeed communed like always with the Spirit of oneness and Love; Cephas stood first and spoke reminding everyone of his mission throughout towns and cities to the non-Yehudi and his concern of the high risk of tempting the Holy One by asking others to do what their ancestors and they were not enabled to do. 

Ruach by his virtue announces:

“Now then,why do you try to test the Holy One by putting on the necks of the disciples a yoke that neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear?” (Acts 15.10)

Then Paul spoke, then Barnabas and then did James the same. All of them who spoke in that ceremony were Apostles. According to the nature of the concerns and the concerned, Ruach had by his virtue summarized their burdens which were the Gentiles and their lifestyles. This is Gentile’s permanent immorality and surroundings of any food; ignoring the danger that can be through whatever man can eat. Paul and the other Ancients of the House of Prayer in Antioch were carrying this burden; coping night and day with evil’s diversities in its fertility enriched by the very old plan of tribulation and persecution which are unfortunately designed to update the enmity.

Tribulation is not eternal and not unbreakable, for it is still the work of a creature and not the Holy Creator. Tribulation is the plan established and processed by the Devil and his disciples, which reside and consists on subjecting in a permanent manner, people from every nation, every race, every tribe and every language under evil’s concrete desires. Tribulation is one of evil’s very old spiritual concept from darkness’ inspiration, which is constituted by the hostile ways and means established, displayed, caused, animated and instrumentalized by evil and his disciples with the purpose of subjecting definitively the entire visible creation under the Enmity through: division, dominion, hate, hostilities of any kinds, unbelief, sickness, poverty, death, sufferings, fear, anger, idolatry and disobedience in order to disconnect us from the Eternal.

This had been revealed by the virtue of Ruach as the way the Devil set up his desire and anger challenging against the revealed part of the world which we are living.

Ruach by his virtue announces:

“Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them!But woe to the earth and the sea, because he knows that his time is short. ” (Revelation12.12)

Ruach by his virtue announces:

” Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring those who obeys the Holy One’s Holy Commandments and hold to the testimony of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea.”(Revelation 12.17)

Let us in short talk about our Neighbor.

The importance we ought to consider our neighbor is highly and is a Holy Commandment from the Most High. Our neighbor is everyone created by Him to begin to have life and redeemed by the Messiah; this is people from every Nation, Tribe, Race and Language.

In this day, our neighbor has felt completely rejected and abandoned, powerless, confused and far away from the realities of our spiritual, physical and material program, our plan, our society, our city, our state, our nation; and above all our neighbor has felt completely far away from the House of Prayer; established in all its configurations by the Holy One of the saints.  Today, with the voice that is shouting in the desert, we are the voices in the Messiah that reach the Holy Throne. We are the voices of our sisters and brothers who have lost hope, who have lost trust, who are losing parents, siblings and children, people with a destroyed dream, people with a twisted life who have been disconnected from believing on the existence of the power of the Almighty on the earth!

What is missing? Why is it missing? How is it missing? What is the predestined way? What do we need to see? How will it happen?

The holy awareness of the prophetic power to triumph, to conquer and to reign!

The holy awareness of the prophetic power of the redeemed, people from different nations, races, tribes and languages to triumph, to conquer and to reign!

Like promised first of all, I am not going to explain in its width and depth but I am introducing by giving the apprehension of the theme, for the exclusivity of responding to questions qualified to be raised up by the House of Prayer is reserved while after this first part!

The Messiah, while he accomplished and magnified his entire work of the plan of Redemption for Salvation in different stages: on the Prophetic Cross to destroy all evil work; to redeem all human races from a while began the ages to its end, to make Yehudi and non-Yehudi to be one (The two different people existing on the earth) and to reconcile the world to the Holy Creator.

We do not have or make any preferences on the realities from Heavens or raise up this wisdom or knowledge more than any other. Ruach by his virtue witnessed all we have been doing from that time he sent us from our sensual life, until when he decided to remove from our spirit and soul all titles and names we all over the world have been liberally calling Him. In any reality in this creation born of the virtue of Ruach, it is obviously the evidence manifested of at least two dimensions, which, is on one side invisible and on the other side visible.

-In regard of its foundation.

-In regard of its structure.

-In its root or in its branch.

The first dimension seems to be very easy for anyone who reads or sees and identifies the theme for the edification. By considering this way for the present Holy Conference’s theme, in that aspect, our understanding shall be directly oriented onto meditating on: (1) Faith Virtue, that triumphs (1 John 5:3-5);

Ruach by his virtue announces:

“3.This is Love for the Holy One: to obey his Holy Commandments. And his Holy Commandments are not burdensome,4.for everyone born of the Holy One overcomes the world. This is the victory that overcomes has overcome the world, even our faith.5. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Yeshua Ha Mashiach is the Son of the Holy One.”

The second point shall be oriented onto (2) the House of Prayer, that conquers, because the Messiah says: “On this rock I will raise up my temple and no power from hell shall conquer” talking about his Body which is the House of Prayer; and the third point, will be on (3) the Kingdom of Heavens and its reign (Revelation 5.10).

Ruach by his virtue announces:

“You have made them to be a kingdom of priests to serve our Holy One, and they will reign on the earth.” (Revelation 5.10)

This is the easy way anyone unknower-Believer is able to process;

By cons, for those who have the over trained tongues, having the manifested way of the abilities of the holy awareness’ ability like: Paul, Peter, the Apostles and some Prophets says:

  • The triumph, (to triumph) by Faith for anyone born again (1 John 5:3-5).

  • The conquest, (to conquer) every evil plan (Matthew 16:18).

The reign, (to reign) on the malediction of the law on the earth (Revelation 5:9-10) because to support the malediction the devil established with the principalities and authorities one of his very old plan which is the tribulation.

Ruach announces by his virtue:

” You are worthy to take the scroll and opens its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for the Holy One from every tribe and language and people and nation.10. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our Holy One, and they will reign on the earth”(Revelation 5:9-10)

To Triumph, to Conquer and to Reign is never done in part, but to possess the full understanding of these concepts.


According to the virtue of Ruach:

Having a Holy Conference in the House of Prayer is holy and biblical, born of Ruach by his virtue. This happened for the first time in the history of the House of Prayer approximately 49-50 years after the Messiah, held after the day of Pentecost by the Messiah’ servants (Knowers-Believers) in the prophetic city of Yerushalaim. We do not change anything on that for it is written: “We have not changed any aspect of any anointed reality or concept”. By cons, we boldly remain faithful in every reality from the virtue of Ruach; from realities and concepts which seemed to be the smallest to the biggest. If you are not faithful through the small things of creation of the Eternal, He will not spiritually let you approach anything bigger like Ruach had properly announced by his virtue through the prophecy. Do not in anytime nor anyway corrupt yourselves and your neighbors; for the Eternal who brought back freedom of your life is Holy; therefore, He commanded you to be holy and righteous.

According to the Holy Word, Ruach by his virtue through Luke his servant, in the book of Acts of the Apostles in Chapter 15; while he has described the wide picture of the Holy Conference that happened in Yerushalaim, nothing raised up our awareness concerning how the crowd was attending the House of Prayer in Yerushalaim in that particular day.  For, in today time, the parameters we set up to identify either the true House of Prayer either the true servants of the Messiah are sensually flesh; because either the number of people attending or the physical beauty of the building are for them the determining elements to make a choice.  That seems as useless as it is to think in this way, which destroys yourselves and your environments.

By cons, it is also very important to know in a spiritual conference the fact that all is about the burden raised up by the people for the best edification of the House of Prayer which is the Body of the Messiah all over the world. For the Yehudi by circumcision of the Messiah, the Holy Conference must be:

A solemnly spiritual moment to be properly edified on that which steals, that which kills and that which destroys.

A solemnly spiritual moment to be properly taught on that which makes people to steal, makes people to kill and makes people to destroy.

A solemnly spiritual moment to be properly equipped, to be a true son of the Eternal.

A solemnly spiritual moment to be taught in the way that avoids the generations in the future to go through different unnecessary processes.

A solemnly spiritual moment to learn: The nature of the concerns and the needs for the entire House of Prayer all over the world.

Spiritually, in the time of the early House of Prayer, the Holy Conference did not engage in whatever subject at all like we have been seeing everywhere in this day.  The concern of the Holy Conference must match the high expectation of the House of Prayer (people) all over the world. The virtue of Ruach throughout the Holy Scriptures had revealed that all non-Yehudi were the main concern; even in today time it’s still the same we have been seeing.

Ruach by his virtue announces:

There was no further unnecessary discussion in the House of Prayer but everyone present in that particular moment was quiet while listening.

  1. The hostile work of evil in that moment,

By definition, the supreme principles established by evil in order to operate on the earth have literally never changed: To steal, to destroy (to twist) and to kill. What is stolen is what has disappeared; what is twisted is what has been changed and what is destroyed is what has been divided, decomposed and disconnected.

In that process, evil is sitting with all his weight throughout your earthly sensual life to seduce you from his desire of any kind; by having made people not to come to the Holy Conference or in the House of Prayer; debating again about that which you do not even know; having strong unnecessary discussion at home or at work happened before that time in order not to attend. Some people have fallen to the liar of sickness, others have experience car problems.  For those who finally assist in the Conference, the devil will do all to make them challenge realities instead of sanctifying or contributing. For some people, Evil will twist the correct thought improperly of the speaker to something else.  And for others, evil will steal that which was given to talk about and give them to discuss something different.

Evil will make you tired and sleepy as well as to disturb you in different ways; your phone will come on and pop and ring for no reason etc… Or you’ll worry about your ID that you have forgotten or something else all the time during the conference or cult.

What is missing? Why is it missing? How is it missing? What is the predestined way? What do we need to see? How will it happen?

Let us carefully follow the virtue of Ruach the permanent reminder in wisdom, knowledge and intelligence which regulate the predestined pre-established structure of this creation on this theme:



We are coming over and over, in all over the world on that is given throughout generations and millenniums by the virtue of Ruach, which is a pure recommendation born again that consists onto cultivate the holy awareness of learning the predestined ordained way and means to meditate repeatedly on the wisdom, the knowledge and the intelligence one of the spiritual processes that deprograms and reprograms our spirit, our soul and our body.

What is missing? Why is it missing? How is it missing? What is the predestined way? What do we need to see? How will it happen?


Useless is the fact we are expecting the powerful manifestations from the virtue of Ruach, the prophetic power if we do not consider and do not meditate on the Holiness of the power from the Holy Creator.

Ruach by his virtue has not only responded onto the concerns lifted up or raised up by people of the House of Prayer but went naturally beyond that expectation; Given, that we have seen that is wrong in this creation has been remained from millenniums. However, onto the way of the print of the virtue of Ruach, we had the responsibility in this holy work which others had worked very hard (the chosen people); to convey by the same Spirit through his virtue the spiritual structure’s substance, which are the anointed foundations, the ethics of basic substances of the answers which bring the redeemed back onto the origin of either realities either concepts; otherwise they will be remained mind frozen conveyed uselessly condemned for the Eternal Judgment. In short, we are going to transmit, to communicate, to edify and to convey the hidden spiritual substances endowed with the anointed wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, authority, power, possibilities, capacities and abilities.

Verily verily, be aware certainly of this: anyone non-Yehudi or anyone unknower-unbeliever or anyone unknower-believer who was before Redemption in darkness regardless must be deprogrammed in the order to be reprogrammed; except the people of Yisrael who shall only be reprogrammed while the Zion will appear again to them. This is the supernatural thought which honors their Salvation announced from where the ages began by the prophets and the Messiah as well.

After the Redemption for Salvation that pays to the Messiah to renounce all his right to give to Knowers-Believers the Eternal Life, since millenniums ago the holinessless’ non Yehudi went back again by choice like we have witnessed today, to worship in their carelessness nature what they do not know as titles and names of Satan spread up purposely in all over the world. Believing having truly worshiped the Most High and the Messiah but they are not only corrupting themselves but spreading again righteousnesslesly uncleanness everywhere in every Nation.

The entire process in order to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed remained absolutely reserved to the Holy One the Most High the Holy Creator. Do never and ever even thing to be doing neither on solo nor in any other process to do that.i.e: Do not personally let this process be like we have customized our spiritual life in the regard of the work of the Holy One, by doing or confessing carelessness things we do not know as it was truly announced by the Messiah in the land of Samaria (John). We had for so long with the worthless edification credited ourselves having Love and teaching about Love to others without being properly taught. That reflects obviously the nature of the spiritual abused people. This is the nature we accustomed freely in darkness.

  1. That is missing is neither: – The searches and explorers. – The presence on this earth of servants of the Eternal.  – The presence on this earth of promise keepers. – The presence on this earth of Miracles or Human’s help of any kind. -The misconception of evil plan against earth and its inhabitants in space (earth and sea) and time (no eternal); the destined established plan to steal, to kill and to destroy animated by either the tribulation [(external plan )] either the persecution either the enmity (internal plan )(that has caused hatred, hostility, animosity… as fruits), this is arrived after sinning. [missing is about what has took already took place and disappeared and left consequences  ]

  2. By cons, that is missing has been clearly displayed on two dimensions which is:

To keep and practice the communion and the unity between Yehudi and non-Yehudi (the two existing people on earth) on one side and the other the communion and the perfected predestined unity between the Holy Commandments and the Good News which is the Anointed Reality of Redemption for Salvation. This is the truly fundamental spiritual basis which sanctifies, empowers and vivifies the spirit, the soul and the body. 

Do not expect in anytime or with any ways and means to process equally with those who have already been saved like Yisrael. Their Salvation has been sealed. The pure understanding of Salvation is so far away from our understanding and it allows indeed the growth of fortresses instead. Have you been by the virtue of Ruach edified on this reality like: Who is living for the Eternity transmits life. Who is definitively saved sanctifies his neighbor and does not even curse him; and does not even sin among them; this is according to prophecies (Exodus 32). This is the daily work of evil twisting and changing our understanding toward realities and concepts of the Holy Creator to keep our ignorance fully updated.

Therefore, it’s clearly for sensual hearts on their own derision that the Salvation of Yisrael remained a question. This is by lack of Holiness and Righteousness life the uncircumcised had have customized contradicting which is not coming from their heart.

The predispositions of Salvation of Yisrael’s generations were far away back then even before their slavery in Egypt. The seal of Yisrael Salvation is sacred for it has been anointed by the Eternal. None on earth should question on the fact that Abraham chooses to obey the Holy Creator and his Holy Commandments. This is so useless to think that we are brothers and sisters because of being born in the same nation and race or what more. The truth is this; man does not want to be reminded that we are all brothers and sisters because of Noah who was appointed because of his Righteousness and preaching Righteousness to become the human race origin after the flood in his time life. If I am wrong that means you are not of human race. In that indicated time, back then we were all speaking the same language which Hebrew is the root. This is before spiritual abused Nimrod grand-son of Noah through Canaan, from Ham the second son of Noah, rebelled in the city of Babel. If I am wrong that’s means you are not from the race according to the heart of the Holy One. I do not disqualify anything which is going on in the regard of man’s creativity. But it’s indeed to better your understanding on some predestined ways by reading this work only with your heart. Let us sanctify what is written: “the Holy Creator says you shall call me for generations: Holy One of Abraham, Isaac and Yisrael”. Until Heaven and earth disappear the Holy Land will always be inhabited by the chosen people, there is an unknown reason surely revealed in the time of Grace by Ruach through his virtue.

Emphasizing the mystery of Yisrael, in the regard of the holy people’s aspect according to one of its dimensions, let it be relied on which has been announced by the Messiah:

“  22 You Samaritans know so little about the one you worship, while the Yehudi know all about him, for Salvation comes through the Yehudi.” (John 4.22).


It will be done when we reach the steadiness of the spiritual oneness which only happens by strictly obeying His Sovereignty in all which was foretold and required by the virtue of Ruach from their prophetic known origin.

From always in this creation, the evidence manifested on the perfect will of the Holy One to be our one Holy Creator is fundamentally structured. That is from his inescapable reality and concept of oneness. And his almighty power on us manifests strongly while we all are One in Himself.

Ie: the oneness in the Messiah, the oneness in Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Eternal has repeatedly throughout generations sent his holy servants to announce the Truth. That can also in others terms be humbly said: the Eternal has repeatedly throughout generations sent his holy servants to bring back the Truth which was stolen, twisted and destroyed from our understanding in this creation. They have been also sent to reveal without demanding fees which is the plan set up by evil against his people, which is the enmity toward his Holy Covenant. We recognize the fruits of the enmity manifested clearly in the relationship between men and his Holy Creator, between men and men or between men and animals in this creation)

“5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Messiah: 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. ” (Malachi 4.5)

 Between men ; the Holy One had revealed it before the coming of the Prophet John the Baptist, the evil’s plan is to seat the enmity between men, animated, caused,established by the incorporated and defined hostilities and we use this in order to … see below

9 Come, wild animals of the field! Come, wild animals of the forest! Come and devour my people! 10 For the leaders of my people — the Eternal’s watchmen, his shepherds — are blind to every danger. They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes. They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming. 11 And they are as greedy as dogs, never satisfied. They are stupid shepherds, all following their own path, all of them intent on personal gain. 12 “Come,” they say. “We will get some wine and have a party. Let’s all get drunk. Let this go on and on, and tomorrow will be even better.” (Isaiah 56.9-12)

Between men and animals

“14 Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. 15 There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will sing as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt. 16 “In that day,” declares the Eternal, “you will call me ‘my husband'; you will no longer call me ‘my master.  17 I will remove the names of the Baals from her lips; no longer will their names be invoked. 18 In that day I will make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the creatures that move along the ground. Bow and sword and battle I will abolish from the land, so that all may lie down in safety.” (Hosea 2.14-18)

Let’s be initiated on the right pathway to keep the awareness, the pure understanding that in the beginning man was not appointed to be the source of trouble but the source of blessings; although he still the source of blessings in the creation. That is only coming  back by believing and obeying the Holy One through his Holy Commandments and Faith to the Messiah.

(John 17. 20-23) ; (John 10.16)

Devil has from while the ages began established a plan to steal, to twist and to destroy our understanding on the Holy Creator‘s work.  Anyone who sins, right away signed the agreement to destroy the work of our Eternal Holy Creator:Heaven, Earth, Seas, Oceans and anything inhabited in them. The target to destroy the world by Satan has been revealed by the virtue of Ruach. (Revelation 12.12) and 12.10); and the target is: (Revelation 12.17). Strategically, Devil had entrusted by the evil spiritual desire of enmity through tribulation and persecution in the world to keep permanently distracted the unrighteousness to miss their eternal life which way greater then earthly life. Man’s tradition, wisdom and intelligence oppressed man to obviously expressed literally evil desire; the assimilated plan has had seen through the way man has been operating or living in the society or by the willing to conquer anything on the face of the earth excluding and hurting others regardless. That’s why throughout all known times in this creation, greediness for some people on one side and on the other anxiety for others has been recognized as a flag everywhere in every existing corner.

Dear brothers and sisters in all over the world, it’s crucially commanded in acts and in word to be doing all that is right according to the Holy Creator in order to crown with glory and power the Messiah.

Devil, evil, Satan, dragon, ancient serpent, best, the horn, Babylon is just a creature created by the Holy Creator (Isaiah 13) remember how the Eternal destroyed evil’s plan in the city of Babel by multiplying only people way of communication. The unique powerful anointed language was commanded to be separated from people who he created because of their righteousnessless and holinesslessness. Having permanently multiple languages on earth was not of the perfect will of the Holy Creation.


For, from while the ages began until to this generation, human race had ever learned to cultivate from the beginning of his life the holy awareness to know the Eternal from the Holy Covenant and its Holy Commandments); from where he had started to belong to him (it can be done individually or generally the result will bring people on the same point). Therefore, we have been disconnected from the origin, the foundation and the root either in all divine invisible and visible realities and concepts.  For in all that knowledge we have been learning evil had long ago twisted the proper way to understand that is why we are faithful on that we thought right but kept our being totally off from millenniums. Instead of to lay out in our lifetime a moment to review, to examine properly and carefully these realities and concepts of the Eternal.  Man had customized and even more man has been conditioned to behave like our grand-parents seeking to build up uselessly arguments to rebuke which we never meditate.  It’s so important to know that which is coming from or which is given by the Holy Creator has always its order and regulation. Once it does not follow either order either regulation useless the expectation shall be. This is the very ground of evil and his disciple; for, his daily desire with his disciples is always to figure out with his disciples how fare to twist reality and concept which are inheritance for the well-being of people. The unchanged evil desire is to separate us eternally from the Eternity the Holy One; therefore sin is by its design the unique way to achieve his concrete desire. Disobedience toward the Eternal which leads to sin is that unfortunately distancing man from the anointed aspects of the Holy One’s given realities and concepts laid out in this creation.

That which makes men to be one and makes also men to be one with the Most High is to obey the Holy Covenant and to keep and to practice properly its regulations and order which have been born again. This is about the Holy Commandments and Faith to the Messiah properly taking care in Righteousness and Holiness.

These are recommendations which have been born again:

- The Law of Holiness in everything commune with the Holy One because of the authority and power for which we have been designed for their use.

- To be holy like is our Eternal the Holy One.

- To be perfect like is our Eternal;the Holy One.

- To endorse our cross to be truly a follower of the Messiah.

- To be born again in the Body of the Messiah by the virtue of Ruach.

- To see the kingdom of the Holy Creator manifests the power that it consists for.

- To enter into the kingdom of the Holy Creator.

- To be baptized in the water.

- To be baptized in the Holy Spirit by his virtue.

- Keep reading the Holy Word permanently.

- To live by Faith (The Righteous shall live by Faith).

- To be virgins waiting the Bride Groom with the lamp and enough oil.

- To worship the Most High.

- To grow continuously with glory and power in Yeshua Ha Mashiach to focus all our life on the material blessings is not from the perfect will of the Holy Creator at all; Because, there is always order in anything concept from the Eternal. This is the perfect way to understand blessings with its three dimensions.

Ruach by his virtue through the promise keepers recalled to us the Holy and Sacred Virtues throughout generations to generations from millenniums.

In this prophetic time of the Holy Grace, be aware to meditate on all concepts from the Eternity because of their holy and sacred aspects.


According to Celestial Justice there is order and regulation on which are predestined and were revealed by the virtue of Ruach. In whatever exists created the Holy Creator had lay out its order and regulation to function properly in his creation; the ordained way to see happening in massive manifestations of demonstrations and demonstrations of manifestations remains on the prophetic power. This is coming back by the Holy Awareness of cultivating repeatedly in the permanent manner to fear exceedingly the Eternal in order to learn the predestined ordained ways and means which equips man to meditate on the anointed wisdom, knowledge and the intelligence from either their origin, either their foundation either their roots which are born again in the Messiah.

Man ought to start the process on diligently learning much more and even more about the Holy Covenant and its Spirit which regulates and while after he will search to understand all promises of blessings in their eternal order and not to keep within us this gangrene way inherited from the unknowers-Believers.

Do not work on solo, the oneness or unity is fundamental and recommended.

Do not surrender yourselves from doctrine to doctrine.


Likewise man was appointed to live on earth to worship and to celebrate the Righteousness and the Holiness of the Eternal. This is the very precious life which was broken by man’s useless decision to follow Satan by disobeying his Holy Creator. The time appointed and so expected of Grace is the very last period of time of this creation which powerfully will end this creation’s existence.  According to the virtue of Ruach through prophecies in this time of the Holy Grace what man ought to be aware is: man spirit, soul and body which have been redeemed, were predestined to live worthily and witness the massive accomplishments of a lot of unknown predestined realities unrevealed; accomplishment of demonstrations of manifestations in the massive manner amplified in authority and power by: Ruach through his virtue, the kingdom of heavens which consists on power and the House of Prayer; like it‘s announced by the virtue of Ruach:

“ 21 Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else in this world or in the world to come. 22 And the Eternal has put all things under the authority of the Messiah, and he gave him this authority for the benefit of the House of Prayer. 23 And the House of Prayer is his Body; it is filled by the Messiah, who fills everything everywhere with his presence.” (Ephesians 1.21-23)

For these particular reasons, we have been appointed, recommended and sent to be baptized in the Messiah and by the virtue of Ruach in order to express power within the kingdom.

If not, you will never see that massive power and demonstrations in your time and you will leave this creation like those who came and left the earth as men and not as sons. The Kingdom of Heavens which consists on power.

All of the three must be set up according to the ways and means predestined for their definitive purpose.

Massive demonstrations of manifestations of power prophesied for the time of the Holy Grace. That shall be instrumentalised by the virtue of Ruach and the power being delimited by the Kingdom of Heavens and the House of Prayer. 

What is missing? Why it is missing? How it is missing? What is the predestined way? What we need to see? How it will happen?

Working in oneness, and the Kingdom works only while the House of Prayer is established (in the House of Prayer we have to see the presence of Yehudi and non Yehudi together manifesting the deep in awareness of Love and oneness) restoration of the Ministries.Today we all must start from Repentance. And then, the first work shall be established.while the Holy One always manifests Himself with one People / with one Spirit . The Holy One has already unified us in His Body and Spirit in order to be one; which consist on to keep and practice the Holy Commandment and believe  to the Messiah.

  1. . that was planned on the prophetic time of the Holy Grace:

- Ruach Ha Kodesh; – The kingdom of heavens; – The House of Prayer/ these are enabled to make it happen.

1.establishment of the House of Prayer on its required way – in strict Holiness, Ruach and the Kingdom shall manifest together to see the demonstrations of manifestations on earth that testifies the very last time of creation invisible and visible.


The endless so wait prophetic power of manifestations of demonstrations of demonstrations of manifestations in this time of Grace will be accomplished by the awareness of establishing oneness of that which revealed Ruach by his virtue planned for this period of time which is the time of end revealed prophetically from the beginning of ages. The great process is achieved by the togetherness in perfect harmony of:

- Ruach Ha Kodesh; – The Kingdom of Heavens and the House of Prayer. These three realities combined in harmony achieve the expectation and make it happen like in the early time of the Apostles with Peter, John, James and Paul.

Man or servant responsibility comes up on the level of obeying to be on his anointed vocation, position and mission received from the Holy Creator on earth.  Here, those who have been sent must cultivate the active Obedience to the Eternal. To keep renewing the absolute subordination under the virtue of Ruach Ha Kodesh.

The kingdom of heavens which obviously consists on exceeding power is still waiting happens the togetherness of the Yehudi and the non-Yehudi; to be in the House of Prayer fearfully following the virtue of Ruach. This is by excellence the very burden of those who have been appointed unfortunately the burden had been twisted from millenniums by evil. While it will happen the Kingdom of Heavens which consists on exceeding power will endorse every single of burden that people are bearing in all over the world.

This is why it still crucial to build and establish the House of Prayer according to the predestined ordained ways and mean like in the early time of the Apostles and Prophets. Do not neglect the prophetic view of the Body of the Messiah. Enjoy on the away you have been appointed to be in the Body of the Messiah. If you have been called to a servant be inside of the ground and not outside that’s means you have been appointed to be in the harvest on this way and not on that other way.

The Truth is that the Kingdom of Heavens manifests its exceeding power while the House of Prayer is established (that required the togetherness in oneness of Yehudi and non-Yehudi). Everything will be initiated with the first work in the House of Prayer. This is to have a very deep awareness of Love as a Holy Commandment. Today we all must start from Repentance. And then, the first work of Love shall follow because we all have sinned and have sin.

The Messiah came for the Righteousness and Holiness to established and magnify the Righteousness and the Holiness.

  1. Establishment of the House of Prayer on the way required is the work that must be done with the fearful awareness of Righteousness and Holiness. That which will let Ruach by his virtue to guide– in strict Holiness, Ruach Ha Kodesh and the kingdom shall be manifested.Together to see the demonstrations of manifestations on earth that testifies the very last time of creation invisible and visible.


For the Righteousness and the Holiness Yeshua is the Messiah