We may use as many  terminologies to talk about the same thing unfortunately the ethics has been escaping us since millenniums. Therefore; we ended up on finding ourselves as spiritually victimary in the spiritual routinization intentionally established by Devil extreme desire for the eternity. People being blind since millenniums do not carefully understand that they only evolve sensitively to record significantly prosperity in the physical and material aspects of the sphere of their life but never recorded the least existing progress in the spiritual dimension of the sphere of their life.
This is understandably by the fact that the Devil’ strategy has twisted the ethical sense of the profound understanding of the sacred affairs which Adonai has commanded them to accomplish for their good.

According to and compare to the Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation by the Messiah, Salvation is an anointed concept which consists  onto to dress people on the (RH) Righteousness and the Holiness by the virtue of Ruach in order to worthily receive the throne of the eternal life coming from the Adonai by a powerful spiritual process which requires  the presence of the Messiah to accomplish in obeying a pre-established plan of Redemption for Salvation.

The pending question which still needs to be updated does not consist onto compromising the understanding and the willingness to accomplish the sacrament. That is to say the understanding of the spiritual act of confessing and believing for the Righteousness which has been given according to the Truth  presented and announced through exhortations and never being taught on the predestined manner of the (SC) Supreme Confession to be saved. That also says on the predestined manner of the predestined teaching of a sacrament in its substance and form compare to its Anointed Virtue.

However, this present document wasn’t born in order to compromise the (SC) Supreme Confession at all and doesn’t either tackle on whether who does confess or who doesn’t confess, for everyone can pretend to have confessed the Messiah for Salvation; likewise (an unknower-unbeliever) anyone who doesn’t know and doesn’t believes can also pretend to have confessed from his mouth Yeshua is the Messiah and pretend to believe to his Resurrection; Furthermore (an unknower-believer) anyone who doesn’t know and believe can pretend to have confessed from his mouth Yeshua is the Messiah and to believe to the Resurrection of Redemption.

I emphasize furthermore on two aspects paired of knowing and believing which Ruach Ha Kodesh by the deposit of his virtue has fundamentally commanded people because, people from generations, hasn’t shown much doing and the contemporaries hasn’t done any better either, for they have been cultivating to simply ignore and intentionally forget. This is unfortunately that which they proved in the useless applicability on a lot of anointed concepts and realities. They actually have been betraying themselves by omitting to questioning themselves on the fact that they have cultivated to address to Adonai the Holy One without absolutely taking into reconsideration that which has been prophetically said by Adonai.

For, Ruach by his virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

“3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep His (HC) Holy Commandments. 4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not His (HC) Holy Commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him. “ 1 John 2.3-4

(SAV) Salvation Anointed Virtue is a spiritual concept which ensures people by the virtue of Ruach to be dressed on with (RH) Righteousness and the Holiness for the throne of the eternal life to the Holy City of Yerushalayim; Salvation Anointed Virtue is the healing by the deposit of the virtue of Ruach which dressed on the (SSB) spirit , the soul and the body of Righteousness and Holiness for the Eternity; Salvation Anointed Virtue is a complete reestablishment of the Righteousness and the Holiness by the virtue of Ruach to the (SSB) spirit, soul and the body for the eternity. This is a pre–established process through Redemption by the Messiah which dresses people on with Righteousness and Holiness to give accessibility to the Holy City of Yerushalaim for the eternity. In the very powerful plan of Redemption for Salvation Anointed Virtue the right to have life was not only limited on the plan after the earthly life in the holy city of Yerushalaim but dwelling the earth, people receive by the Sovereign Ruach ways and means in anointed wisdom, knowledge and intelligence to reign over the enmity, the hostilities, sickness, poverty and the unbelief.

By cons, these predestined ways and means have been bequeathed after Resurrection which saw and testified the crown of glory, honor and power to the Messiah.

We resurface by the virtue of Ruach to update furthermore in people’s hearts compare to the purpose of people’s existence. These are fundamental questions to ensure to everyone properly the (SCS) Supreme Confession of Salvation. This is to question on the prophetic way to be saved. If the confessions actually declared before people or not were worthily heard, attested, credited, honored, conformed, and accepted by Adonai the Sovereign Holy Creator! Does He really responds and surely crowned them with the eternal life? The right to be in the Holy City of Yerushalaim a creation among creations which are not of this creation predestined, and reserved for the benefit of Knowers- Believers (anyone who knows and believes like have enlightened the Holy Scriptures)?

If this is by the fact that it was revealed and announced according to the Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation by the Messiah: the Messiah came in his fullness of virtue and actually created people again by the Righteousness and Holiness according to prophecies from the Holy Scriptures ; and people are no longer formed by the durst as it was  when times began, it will brings a very large and considerable spiritual difference in the profound awareness; I assure to everyone that pretention was not coming from an anointed spiritual language of Ruach by his virtue. By cons, this is the work of flesh, for the Messiah who is the Torah abolished nothing at all but He has worthily magnified the holy Covenants enlightened the exemption of excellences.

We have been without any exception learning Salvation and the Eternal Life from prophecies, which the source of the origin of all this mystery is the Torah which is one of the Messiah ‘structure. Human race from whatever generation known has abandoned the source of the origin of the anointed wisdom, knowledge and intelligence coming prophetically from the Holy Creator to embrace fully the wisdom coming from men established from millenniums. People unfortunately reached the lowest spiritual level and lamentable to a point that they have been convinced and, uselessly started to teach even others that the origin of some worthily spiritual word came from Greece.

However, anyone man or woman from unknown millenniums has learned the existing existence of Salvation, the Eternal Life and the Holy City of Yerushalaim, all these prophetic and anointed concepts and realities by the Holy Scriptures. People have learned that all these predestined concepts and realities existed by the prophecies coming preciously from the Prophets Yehudi of Yisrael.

Because it has been revealed and foretold from Ruach Ha Kodesh by his virtue that it has been bequeathed to Yehudi the honor to inherit from Adonai Eloheinu: – adoption, – glory, – Holy Covenant, – oracles, – worship, – cult, – promises and patriarchs.

If we will ,to properly cultivate the profound awareness and better the understanding of all that which concern whether the Eternal, the Holy One of Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu, whether the Messiah whether the Sovereign Ruach by his virtue, people must absolutely humiliate themselves under the Sovereignty of his perfect will for this creation who did not only elected this Holy Land, this holy people and this holy nation but He also honorably exempted them, raised them up to ensure, to keep, to protect and faithfully convey this unshakable spiritual inheritance of power to every generation for the Eternity.

This is by the ensemble of the uncountable prophecies listed below that the world has learned the existence of the promise of Salvation.
According to and compare to the (HCHY) Holy Covenant with the House of Yisrael,

Ruach by his virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

“The Sun will change and the moon into blood, before the arrival of the day of the Eternal the great day and terrible. And everyone who will call the Holy Name will be saved. “(Joel 2.31-32)

Ruach by his virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

“Thus speak the Holy One: in the acceptable time I heard thee, and in a day of Salvation I helped thee; I and I will preserve thee, and give thee for Covenant of people, to establish the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages.”(Isaiah 49.8 and 62.1-2)
According to and compare to the (HCRS) Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation

Ruach by is virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

“12 for there is no difference between the Yehudi and the Greek: for the same Holy One over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 13 For whosoever shall call upon the Holy Name of the Eternal shall be saved.”(Romans 10.12-13)

The fundamental question that deserves to be raised on the deep awareness which was maliciously stolen, twisted and destroyed for Salvation of the world from the Holy Creator!
It’s also all about to be born again to be crowned with the Eternal Life and at the same time to be equipped to cope on the earth all evil work of Darkness.

Are you really born again to be saved? 

Are you really born again to be saved according to the holy prophecies?

How do you know that you have been saved to be crown of Salvation?

This is the answer prophetically predestined with and its process worthy of Salvation.
When anyone born again he receive from the Holy Creator by the virtue of Ruach the heart condition that vivifies him to practice the Righteousness which quickened the crown of the Eternal Life according to which is written on 1 John 2.29

Ruach by his virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

« Everyone who believes that Yeshua is the Messiah is born of Eternal and everyone who loves the Holy One loves his child as well » 1John 5.1

“29 If ye know that he is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth Righteousness is born of him.” (to be born again). 1 John 2.29
How then to practice Righteousness?

Ruach by his virtue announces:

” 25 And it shall be our Righteousness, if we observe to do all these Holy Commandments before the Holy One, as he hath commanded us. “Deuteronomy 6.25”

It’s absolutely irreversible and absolutely inescapable; for 430 years before Moses the Prophet, at around 1900 before the Messiah, Abraham the Patriarch and Prophet has obeyed and practiced the Holy Commandments according to the Holy Scriptures.

Ruach by his virtue announces:

” 4 And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; 5 Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my Holy Commandments, my statutes, and my laws. “Genesis 26.4-5”

This is absolutely why in the Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation the Holy Creator has commanded people to observe the Holy Commandments and to have Faith to the Messiah.
This is incontestably and sovereignly glorified by the Messiah throughout his sufferings, and conveyed by the virtue of Ruach through generations from 2000 years ago.

Ruach by his virtue announces:

“This is the perseverance of saints who keep the Holy Commandments and having Faith to the Messiah.” Revelation 14:12”

“17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the Holy Commandments, and have the testimony of the Yeshua the Messiah.” Revelation 12:17”

Yeshua the Messiah who has structured by himself in all to reign in all in this time of the Holy Grace which came with the Righteousness and the Holiness.
People must absolutely be aware of the New Prophetic Era to triumph, to conquer and to reign on the face of the earth, by accepting to go through the process which consists on to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed to not switch off the flame of Faith within them; by radically avoiding within the heart the unjustifiable enmity instead of Love; the hostilities instead of forgiveness; the animosities instead of blessing; division instead of unit ;like also the law of malediction expressed on the unbelief, poverty, sickness, the persecution instead of communion for prayer… the love of neighbor still indisputably a Holy Commandment.

We have been edifying from decades in many ways the profound awareness that we are in the Prophetic New Era of unfathomable revelations and fulfillments. Let all of us life in oneness, advocate the Righteousness and the Holiness to accomplish the work of light. People willing or not, the Holy Creator promised; the time shall come, He will rise up a nation able to keep his Holy Commandments.

That man does not budge on this particular affairs he had never experienced; If people are advanced in deep experimentation in the physical and material aspect of things unfortunately the dimension that man has ever try for thousands of years is that of the Righteousness and the Holiness; By cons, people have cultivated to navigate a way through that attracts on them more troubles in the affairs which they have been actually received responsibilities on the sovereignty’ mystery of the Eternity .
After having taken enough knowledge to grow we worship the Holy Name of the Holy One.
We of the human race have unfortunately reached the level of interfering systematically on the supernatural thoughts of the Holy Creator.
The fact that we have opposed for millennia on that said the Holy Creator through His servants of our Holy Covenant, the Holy Covenant of Redemption for Salvation. We oppose the written and announced prophecies by the virtue of Ruach conveyed by the Apostles Peter, John, James and Paul the pillars:
“Fight the good fight of Faith, lay hold on eternal life to which you were called and for which you made a good profession before many witnesses. I recommend before the Holy Creator who gives life to all things, and before Yeshua the Messiah who made a good confession before Pontius Pilate, keep the HOLY COMMANDMENTS. “1 Timothy 6.12-13

“For better for them not to have known the way of Justice, than to turn away, having known the HOLY COMMANDMENT and had given them. 2 Peter 2.21

“This is now, beloved, the second letter I am writing in one and in the other I stir by warning you by Ruach that ye should remember the words spoken before by the holy Prophets and the HOLY COMMANDMENT of the Messiah our Savior, taught by the Apostles. 2 Peter 3.1-2

Ruach by his virtue reveals, announces and edifies:

I charge you before the Holy One before Yeshua the Messiah and the elect angels to observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing by partiality. 1 Timothy 5:21

It is through my tears that I invite you to follow the predestined and predetermined path, escape derision fomented by the fiery darts of the devil. By cons, faithfully follow the earnest of the virtue of Ruach. So we will rebuild the ruins of the Unit in Love sitting on the Justice and Holiness; So we will rebuild the ruins of Reconciliation taking sufficiently awareness on the process of reconciliation in relation to the human race. For the reconciliation of humans as little expense to only tackle the physical dimension of men.

Let all of us return onto the origins, the foundations and the roots to understand that which has been predestined and predetermined compare to that which has been destined and established.
Let us all be deprogrammed and reprogrammed so that through Ruach by his virtue, the kingdom of heavens which is in power and the House of Prayer which conquered Darkness, maximize the manifestations of demonstrations, and demonstrations of manifestations in every sense of the spheres of the life of this creation.